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Sherlock – The Final Problem Review – SPOILERS

Anyone else feeling emotionally drained? Well as can be expected with Sherlock, all of my previous predictions were quite wrong and they managed to surprise us as per usual. Yet it still blows our minds. We spent most of our... Continue Reading →


Sherlock – The Lying Detective Review – SPOILERS

Right ok, anyone here need a shock blanket? Because that was an emotional roller-coaster and a half. Before I get onto the major revelations of the episode, I'd like to refer to my post last week (click here to read),... Continue Reading →

Sherlock – The Lying Detective Review Spoiler Free

Jesus Christ. Ok. Just go and watch it will you, I can't even. Then come and read the spoiler review here because I'm about to lose my shit.

Sherlock – The Six Thatchers Review – SPOILERS

So if you haven't seen The Six Thatchers yet, go and watch it now and come back because I'm about to ruin everything for you. Ok, so let's talk about Mary. Or rather, how the show will develop with the... Continue Reading →

Sherlock Series 4 Episode 1 Review – Spoiler Free

It has been 3 years since series 3 of Sherlock. I HAVE WAITED 3 LONG YEARS! Finally, the dedicated fandom have some new material for fan-art and gifs, how modern, like Sherlock himself this series, who has even taken to... Continue Reading →

Passengers Review

If you’ve ever watched Castaway and thought, this would be so much better on a cruise-ship in space, then you’re in luck. Passengers is a futuristic love story taking place on a space ship carrying 5000 passengers which is travelling... Continue Reading →

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Review

“There is no Rogue One!” “There is now!” This new sci-fi adventure fits in between episode III and IV in the Star Wars timeline, and follows the mission to obtain the Death Star plans from the Imperials. If you have... Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour Episode 5 Review

To see the Episode 4 Review, click here. The fifth episode of this "new" motoring show is presented from Rotterdam, Holland, a nice change from Whitby, England, which it has been for the past 2 weeks. This installment is rather... Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour Episode 4 Review

And we're back for the 4th episode in The Grand Tour series (to see previous reviews, follow the links below). They gave the impression that each week they would be setting up their tent in a different part of the... Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour Episode 3 Review

This episode found the troublesome trio back home in Whitby, England. This meant an all British audience and a sense of familiarity that was lacking in the foreign crowds. You can almost feel the presenters becoming relaxed and falling into... Continue Reading →

Russell Kane Right Man, Wrong Age Review

I know this isn't the regular film or TV review, but I saw my first stand-up show last night and I drew a lot of parallels between the two! Russell Kane has been on tour this year all over the... Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour Review – Episode 2

The Grand Tour viewers received their second installment today and I must say that it did not disappoint. To see the review of episode 1, click here. If you loved the classic silliness and shenanigans of the old school Top Gear,... Continue Reading →

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