This new BBC Three series has been advertised cryptically, leaving you intrigued, but not sure what it’s about. Well by the end of the first episode, I still feel the same.

Lifelong friends Holly and Georgia are attending their first year at university, both for different reasons. Holly is responsible, at uni to learn yet still have fun. Georgia is wild and is only taking the course because Holly is, an excuse to party hard; both pretty typical examples of British uni students.

Louise Brealey, known as the shy, kind Molly from Sherlock, plays Professor McDermid, the complete opposite of Molly. She is a no nonsense, strong, powerful leader who does not take fools gladly. She is the reason most take the course, and recruits interns into her own business from her group of students. Georgia parties her way into the elite clique within the internship, however things turn much darker than they first appear.

This programme has been very cleverly written. It is unusual, unique and it makes you want to binge watch it just to work out what is going on. It gives just enough away for you to be immersed, yet not enough for you to understand. It is not the common whodunit format, yet it still has that curiosity and tension of a crime drama.

I would highly recommend the first episode of this new series. It’s edgy, current and mysterious yet different; I am totally gripped.