Anyone else feeling emotionally drained? Well as can be expected with Sherlock, all of my previous predictions were quite wrong and they managed to surprise us as per usual. Yet it still blows our minds.

We spent most of our time during this season 4 finale in Sherrinford (a sort of Shutter Island-like institution to contain the uncontainables). Eurus, Sherlock’s evil genius sister, takes over the entire island and basically experiments with her brothers and John like lab rats, emotionally torturing them.

So Sherlock was right (how dare we doubt him), Moriarty is dead. For a couple of minutes they taunted us that he might be alive, however it is revealed that this scene occurred 5 years ago, and he is in fact dead in present time. Although I’m always grateful for some new Andrew Scott material, exiting a helicopter dancing to Queen, it’s just so Jim.

Another stand out moment was the scene with Molly. We all assumed from the trailer that Sherlock was saying he loved either John (preferably) or Mycroft. Of course it was Molly, the one we always overlook. Louise Brealey gave such a heartbreaking performance, I really missed Molly this series. I’m gutted Irene Adler didn’t rock up though, bit of a tease from the previous episode.

This was basically a Holmes family version of The Great Game. Sherlock forced to solve puzzles within a certain amount of time to save people, however Sherlock is a different person now; he has sentiment. Although regularly reminded by his brother that sentiment is a weakness, it seems to only have made Sherlock stronger. He is the least intelligent Holmes sibling, but he is the strongest and pulled through because of the emotional traits he has achieved throughout his character arc.

So, the episode ended with Sherlock and John rebuilding their home together, and raising John’s daughter. That seems quite Johnlock to me, I don’t think they could get any closer to it without it becoming a very different show.

I’m only disappointed because there is no cliffhanger as there has been at the end of all the other series. Everything was rounded off, all loose ends tied, which screams “last ever episode”. It was beautifully concluded, even quite emotional for the fans to see a montage of the Baker St boy’s journey. Sherlock Holmes is a great man. We were very lucky. He is now a good one.


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