It has been 3 years since series 3 of Sherlock. I HAVE WAITED 3 LONG YEARS! Finally, the dedicated fandom have some new material for fan-art and gifs, how modern, like Sherlock himself this series, who has even taken to Twitter!

I’m not going to lie, I am a huge fan of Sherlock, but I will try not to be biased. Firstly, Sherlock’s persona is a lot more bouncy and humorous at the beginning of the episode, joking with his mouth full of ginger nut biscuits, however this is contrasted later when Sherlock is in a very different emotional state at the end of the episode.

This episode is quite Mary orientated (Amanda Abbington) revealing a lot more of her mysterious past. There are cases within cases as there often are with Sherlock, everything becoming cleverly interlinked and connected in a complex web of criminality. There are some wonderful light-hearted moments in the first half of the episode, watching Sherlock’s autistic nature dealing with John and Mary’s new born baby is extremely endearing, as he tries to mingle within their domestic life.

A flashback to Sherlock’s past including Redbeard, his beloved childhood dog, are featured, which hopefully means these images will become relevant later on in the series. Sherlock engages in a thrilling fight scene as the episode begins to get darker.

Whereas series 3 was basically a load of fan fiction Steven Moffat decided to release, this series is clearly a lot darker. Although the case was not entirely mind blowing in this episode, there is a twist that most fans will not be expecting at this stage, and I think our opinions of John and Sherlock will change, with Sherlock seeming to become more human and empathetic with each episode, and the ever consistent John will start to shock you.

Basically, it’s amazing as per usual. Excellent acting, incredible writing and beautiful cinematography. I am eagerly awaiting what Toby Jones’s villain will bring, whether Irene Adler (The Woman) will make another appearance, and who the hell is Sherrinford? As if after 3 years they’re making us wait another week.

4.5 / 5 stars