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The fifth episode of this “new” motoring show is presented from Rotterdam, Holland, a nice change from Whitby, England, which it has been for the past 2 weeks. This installment is rather dominated by Richard Hammond and James May, with Jeremy turning up here and there to cause some annoyance. The antics include driving sports cars through the dusty roads of Marrakesh and playing a car version of board game Battleships.

The cinematography over Marrakesh is beautiful, watching a stunning Alpha Romeo zoom around the winding roads of the desert-like landscape, contrasted by the snow-topped mountains surrounding it was a treat for the eyes. However, some interaction with the local culture wouldn’t have gone amiss, such as having a laugh with the locals as they would in a Top Gear special.

They came across some film sets in the desert used for shows such as Game of Thrones, which they of course turned into a racetrack. I have no idea how these 3 naughty school children manage to get permission to do this, but I suppose that’s what a big budget does for you! This isn’t a criticism I might add, it was very amusing to watch them race around a medieval castle.

There wasn’t much banter with the Dutch audience however, which brings out some comedy gold when the presenters improvise. There were a few jokes about the Dutch sex industry which were to be expected, and the image of Jeremy Clarkson in a ball gag will not escape my mind in a hurry.

Richard and James playing Battleships using real cars and a load of explosives was just the classic, ridiculous, childish humour I love in this show. Along with Jeremy attempting to weigh cars on a giant pair of scales using live and dead animals as counterweights.

Overall this episode was very amusing, however not very memorable. As each episode has continued to increase in quality, I fear it has reached it’s peak. I reward this episode 4/5 stars ★★★★