And we’re back for the 4th episode in The Grand Tour series (to see previous reviews, follow the links below). They gave the impression that each week they would be setting up their tent in a different part of the world, however this is their second week running in Whitby, England. Personally I love the British audience and classic feel of the trio in the English setting, however some people could find this repetitive.

This episode is not very vegan friendly I must warn you, as Jeremy Clarkson drives a Land Rover literally made from animal carcasses in an attempt to make a more environmentally friendly car compared to the regular steel body. The classic ridiculousness we are used to.

The rivalry between the presenters is well and truly back on form. The common jokes between the three are resurfacing and the familiarity of them laughing at each other’s failed attempts at challenges, particularly at James may in this episode, will have you in stitches. They all seemed to have relaxed into their positions and act like naughty school children, which completes their charm.

The whole show seems to have relaxed, as at first I felt like they were treading on egg shells, trying not to breach any copyright infringements with the BBC Top Gear. However I have found some habits and jokes creeping in from the old days but with subtle differences. For example, they receive a text from their boss instead of an envelope from the producers when they have a challenge. Jeremy Clarkson ends the show with “on that terrible disappointment” rather than “on that bombshell” which was used in Top Gear. To take it that one step further, they even made a dig at the new Top Gear which was very amusing.

There wasn’t much audience participation this week which I found disappointing as I feel the British crowd to have particularly good witty banter. However I am finding the “Celebrity Brain Crash” section a lot more amusing now you know what is going to happen; like an inside joke.

There was a very good balance between the serious car talk and the silly antics and each week I feel more nostalgic as I am taken back into the Top Gear glory days. I reward this 4.5/5 stars.

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