This episode found the troublesome trio back home in Whitby, England. This meant an all British audience and a sense of familiarity that was lacking in the foreign crowds. You can almost feel the presenters becoming relaxed and falling into their old ways.

This episode showed the 3 travelling around Italy, embarking on their very own ‘Grand Tour’ relating to the title of the show. This did make me think that this probably should have been episode 1, as it brings the title into context, but I won’t hold it against them. Some classic stereotypes crept their way back in, such as Hammond bringing an American muscle car along to a journey which was meant to be quite stylish, diminishing the class of Jeremy’s Aston and James’s Rolls Royce. Plus the large impractical gifts from old Top Gear made an appearance again, filling the fans with nostalgia.

The all British audience really made an impact, they appreciated the British humour and participated in bickering with the presenters, with no awkward jokes or laughter as everyone seemed on the same page. Once again, I can’t fault the camera angles and shots used in the show, the birds eye views of the cars speeding through the beautiful Italian countryside were gobsmacking.

If you have been following the series, you would know that Jeremy lost a bet in episode 1, which gave James and Richard permission to knock down his house. This bet was fulfilled in this episode, as the pair fully demolished his actual home using a range of techniques (logical May picking up 1 brick at a time, Hammond ramming it with a digger, followed by an impressive explosion). Obviously Jeremy has either moved or is planning to rebuild his house, but even so it is extremely painful to watch such a lovely country house being demolished by idiots, yet still absolutely hilarious watching the childish joy on their faces.

Even though the whole ‘Grand Tour’ reference should have been addressed in episode 1, each instalment keeps getting better and better so far; I am going to have to extend my star rating if they keep it up! May, Hammond and Clarkson causing good old fashioned mayhem. I reward this 4/5 stars ★★★★★

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